"The ball reveals all"

- John Jacobs


Golf is what the ball does, which is totally dependent upon what the club is doing at impact.

The variants at impact are:
The clubface: which can be open, closed or square (strong or weak).
The swing path: which can be in-to-out, out-to-in, or straight.
The angle of attack: which can be too steep, too shallow, or correct for the individual club.
The clubhead speed: to suit the shot in hand.

These dimensions, the clubface, swing path, and angle of attack, all of which determine the flight of the ball, are very much influenced by the set-up at address. 
The grip has a direct bearing on clubface control at impact.  
The clubface aim and body alignment has a direct bearing on the swing path at impact.

The body posture at address has a direct bearing on the degree of shoulder tilt during the body turn, affecting the swing plane and therefore the angle of attack at impact. This does not mean that everyone will be setup to the ball in exactly the same way. As teachers, prescribing the correct set-up for the individual is our greatest teaching tool.




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