Shape, Pattern & Play

GOWF is a symbol for creativity through play across the many courses we face in life. Every time you step on a course you are presented with a constantly evolving playground, a canvas of nature designed to test every facet of your shotmaking. The creative player has the ability to control the degree of spin and curvature their ball produces as they react to the space around them. When you GOWF, you play with shapes, you express a pattern, you navigate your course, you create reactions to a target, you play with your GOWF balls flight. 

The GOWF branding is a simple play with shapes.
It's something we have all done and still do whenever we strike a ball.
Strike enough balls and you soon see a pattern appear.
That's your shot pattern, and learning to embrace it is key to performing your very best over and over again.

Play with shapes, create a pattern, then express it, go with freedom everywear.



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